Updated at 11:58,06-08-2020

Ales Mikhalevich had been detained in Poland, and afterwards - released


Former presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich was detained at the airport in Warsaw.

Border guards of the Frederic Chopin Airport detained the politician on request of the Prosecutor's General Office of Poland, which announced that Mikhalevich is wanted by the police on demand of Belarus' Prosecutor General.

As one of founders of the Belarusian House in Warsaw, Ales Zarembyuk told UDF.BY, the former presidential candidate was going to fly to London to meet with lawyers who are preparing a lawsuit against Alexander Lukashenko. There is no communication with Mikhalevich.

According to Zarembyuk, Mikhalevich, most likely, in accordance with Polish law, was arrested for 45 days before a court decision on his extradition or non-extradition to Belarus.

The Belarusian House in Warsaw held an emergency meeting about the detention. As Ales Zarembyuk has told, they are searching for information on the location of Mikhalevich, and deciding whether to hold an action in his support. Most likely, the Belarusians of Warsaw will hold a protest action at the Prosecutor General's Office of Poland or in front of walls of the prison, where he will be placed.

"For the second time Poland is making a big mistake. It has been already the case of Ales Belyatsky, and now there is Ales Mikhalevich's case. Although everyone knows that he is a political refugee and was granted political asylum in Czech Republic", Zarembyuk said.

At 18:00, Minsk time, Ales Mikhalevich was still at the airport. They took away his passport and decided what to do next, reports Euroradio. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, Krzysztof Stanovsky came to the airport.

As Gazeta.pl informs, after the interference of Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland, Mikhalevich was released. However, he missed his flight to London.