Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

I won't be surprised, if tomorrow they arrest heads of KGB and Interior Ministry


In a country, where the KGB is no longer do their business, it can perform any role. This opinion was expressed to Radio Liberty by the former KGB lieutenant colonel Valery Kostka.

According to him, the arrest of Deputy Interior Minister Yevgeny Poluden is not surprising: "The country has moved beyond a legal field, laws don't apply, therefore all our citizens, except one - the highest chief- are not protected and may find oneself in the role of Poluden".

Valery Kostka thinks: the higher the position of the official, the more one risks to find oneself in the role of Poluden of a present-day: "And it will be a lot of these Poludens. And if they arrest the chairman of the KGB Zaitsev or Interior Minister Kuleshov, I won't be surprised".

He motivates his words by an excursion into the history: "Because this has happened before. We forgot about the history. They shot Yezhov, Beria, and others. Why? Because there is no law in lawlessness. And nobody is protected by the law".