Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

With or without balls - all dictators have one end


Experts and Internet community continue to vigorously discuss, published by Russian journalist Sergei Dorenko, details of his recent conversation with Alexander Lukashenko.

As UDF.BY reported earlier, chief editor of the Russian News Service wrote on his Twitter, that Belarussian president, to put it mildly, spoke of Western politicians not in very flattering way.

"Lukashenka is cool: said that European leaders had no balls. I argued: Sarkozy has. Lukashenka condemned: Sarkozy has no balls either!", Dorenko wrote.

Satirical writer Viktor Shenderovich said, that Lukashenko evaluated European politicians according to his intellectual level.

"My urological comment will be quite short: balls are useful, balls - it's good, but not instead of brains. The above dialogue is fully consistent with the intellectual level, as of Sergei Dorenko and of Alexander Lukashenko. Four balls - and not a single brain ... Sorry ...", - Shenderovich said in an interview with Radio Liberty.

But the satirist and People's Artist of Russia Gennady Khazanov decided so far "not to give diagnosis" neither to Lukashenko, nor Dorenko.

"The fact is, that I'm not very well informed what is really going on in Belarus. I only know for sure, there are serious problems with human rights and with all derived from this. Concerning the current case, it is impossible to drive a person into a corner, especially the political leader. Knowing the character of Alexander Lukashenko, the first thing he does, appeared in a corner, he looks whether a politician has balls or not? If such a politician has no balls, he doesn't keep up with him. In other words, he looks for an equal, who also has balls. This is it, if one uses the terminology of Alexander Lukashenko", the satirist said.

The well-known dissident, Valeria Novodvorskaya believes that such a bold statement of the Belarusian president appeared, because Kremlin has showered him with "golden rain", and now from the Kremlin towers he can "spit on all Europe".

"Lukashenko has long ago been diagnosed, but, unfortunately, in this case he's right, because you can not allow tyrants to scoff at yourself. Lukashenko feels unpunished now. Earlier, when he wanted something from the European Union, he didn't speak like this. And now he wants nothing: they fed him, gave him to drink, they extended his power, which certainly will be very bad for the Belarusian opposition. In short, everything is placed on a one rod - all is placed on the Kremlin towers. Yes, Moscow bought Lukashenko. Of course, without specifying in conditions of the sale, to treat the opposition humanly", Novodvorskaya said in an interview with Radio Liberty.

Famous documentary filmmaker Yuri Khaschevatsky, who filmed a continuation of the sensational "Ordinary President", while discussing the fate of Lukashenka in an interview with DELFI website, compares it with the fates of other dictators:

"Ordinariness is in the fact that all dictators, all the people who cling to power, all usually act the same. And all this history is always the same. They often come to power on a democratic wave. In due time, it was with Hitler. Than suppressing of mass media begins, full control over financial flows, destruction of civil society and parliamentarism - all these steps are absolutely the same. That's how a dictator must act in order to achieve absolute power.

But by the ordinariness I also mean, that dictators almost always have the same end with a little difference. Mubarak - one, Gaddafi and Hussein - another. In principle, the end (of the Belarusian regime - DELFI) is also very ordinary. If I live to see this, probably, the movie of this name will appear"