Updated at 17:34,27-10-2020

Hubarevich: Our common goal is to increase support to democratic forces


On January 23 representatives of six opposition groups of Belarus agreed on a position regarding participation in the parliamentary election campaign in autumn 2012.

Yuri Hubarevich, vice-chairman of the public movement "For Freedom" expressed his opinion on the results of the last meeting to UDF.BY correspondent.

- How was the meeting? What are the results?

- We've already have the finished document, which is to be signed next week by the leaders of organizations belonging to "the coalition of six". We discussed the controversial tactical moments, connected with conditions of participation in the election campaign, but we all agreed these elections should be used for the development of democracy in Belarus. And our common and primary goal is to increase support to democratic forces from the population side, who are disappointed in the regime. This is exactly the thing that is worth fighting for.

We also discussed the upcoming campaign objectives and tactics of how to address them. The foremost is to release the political prisoners. Then is to bring the election campaign in a democratic direction: changes in the law, as well as in the actual practice of its holding. Finally, to inform the population about the real state of affairs in Belarus with proposals of the opposition on the way out of the crisis situation. This refers to both economic and political crisis.

- How do you rate the productivity of this discussion as a whole?

- In general it was productive. I think, soon we can voice a common position. Also, much attention was paid to the strategy of democratic forces, it must be common not only for members of the coalition, but for a much broader democratic field: they are the supporters of the boycott, and a number of social movements, which put the political goals. Therefore, in the near future we plan to organize a discussion on the development of the common position and strategy.

- How far the movement "For Freedom" will be ready to make some concessions for the sake of the overall strategy?

- We have an understanding, the common strategy is the most important than some narrow corporative interests. So we're ready.

- What strategy is the most attractive to the movement "For Freedom"? Will you nominate candidates?

- We are the public movement, and therefore won't nominate candidates, but this campaign we would like to use for informing the population. And it will come out better in the presence of candidates, conducting their campaigns at specific districts: because they have more legal opportunities to reach out to ordinary citizens who don't read newspapers and opposition websites. Our task is to address this audience and to work with it. Therefore, we will work with those candidates, who are close to us in their views, and support them.

Note. "The coalition of six" is the union of political parties and public movements of Belarus, which includes the United Civil Party, the Belarusian Popular Front Party, the Belarusian Left Party "A Just World", "Belarusian Christian Democracy" party, the movement "For Freedom" and the civil campaign "Tell the Truth!"