Updated at 19:48,25-10-2020

Belarusian “converted snitches“ declared war on the KGB


The Civil Campaign "Revolution Through Social Networks" begins the public initiative "We demand answers!". As part of the initiative RTSN plans to unite all social and political activists, youth and political leaders who have ever been recruited by the KGB.

Repented secret informers are going to work together "to fight for their constitutional rights and to urge those responsible to justice", according to a press release issued by the RTSN on February 17.

Already today, the spokesman of the RTSN and coordinator of the initiative Vladimir Kumets filed a complaint to the Prosecutor's Office of Minsk, where he demands from the Prosecutor's Office to check on the fact of illegal recruitment on September 23, 2011 and recognize the agreement as involuntary and void.

Also in the near future he will address them with a purpose to name those illegal acts he has committed, so that now he is forced to stay abroad fearing the retaliation of the KGB.

"I also wonder why the KGB, calling exact figures on the identification of 23 employees, and agents of foreign special services, opening 33 recruitment approaches to Belarusian citizens from foreign intelligence services, didn't report to Lukashenko about the amount of their own Belarusian citizens recruited for intelligence work in the country and abroad? At least five of the facts have already known. How many more of the Belarusian agents are working abroad? And what do they want from us now? I've already contacted Sergei Pavlyukevich, Maxim Cherniavsky (they opened their recruitment in October) and they agreed to join our initiative and call the KGB to account", Kumets commented on the initiative.

In his complaint the activist pointed out that he was recruited by the KGB on September 23, 2011.

"It happened after I had arrived in Minsk to extend the Polish visa, so to go back to school afterwards. On my return a snatch squad and the KGB burst in my apartment. They presented the resolution giving them authorities to search and arrest my brother under Article 186 of Criminal Code, but they detained me too. We were taken to Frunzenski Police Department, where under pressure and threats to arrest me and my brother they forced to sign an agreement in which I wrote at the dictation that I voluntarily agree to cooperate with law enforcement authorities of the Republic of Belarus, to discredit the opposition forces in Belarus and transmit information about the activities of the campaign "Revolution Through Social Networks". The recruitment and signing of agreements took place in the Frunzenski District Police Department of Minsk. Then I was placed in a cell for a night, in the morning they interrogated me and shot the interrogation on video. I was forced to talk about the activities of the campaign "Revolution Through Social Networks", about financing the opposition, activities of the Kalinowski Program. It was the condition of my release and closing the case against my brother.

In solving the problems of operative investigation, the authorities for operational-search activity have the right to establish collaborative relationships, at no cost or fee-based, with individuals, who have agreed on a confidential basis to assist the authorities who carry out operational-search activity (Law of the Republic of Belarus on the operational and investigative activities, July 9, 1999 № 289-3), the state security organs while carrying out their tasks within their competence, may:

- To carry out operational-search activities in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Belarus;

- To establish on a confidential basis the relationships on cooperation with people, who gave the consent (Law of the Republic of Belarus on State Security Bodies of the Republic of Belarus, December 3, 1997 № 102-3)

Thus, the cooperation with the authorities carrying out the operational-search activities, must be voluntary. A number of responsibilities, which I overtook, do not meet the objectives of the OSA and the state security bodies.

In the agreement, which I've signed, the police was indicated, but not the KGB, but I've realized, it's the KGB for their behavior. I am the citizen of Belarus, but fearing the retaliation by the KGB, I am forced to stay in Poland.

I demand the Prosecutor's Office to check on this fact and recognize this agreement as involuntary and void"
, is written in the complaint which Kumets sent to the Prosecutor's Office of Minsk.

As UDF.BY wrote earlier, in November 2011 several young activists of the democratic forces in Warsaw gave a press conference where they talked about the circumstances of their recruitment by the KGB, as well as about the tasks they carried out for special services.