Updated at 11:43,21-10-2020

Lukashenko threatens to European politicians who “have no balls“


President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has urged Europe to establish equal relationships, stating the possibility of a harsh answer to the tightening of sanctions against Belarus.

"Understand: these sanctions, which you are waving in front of our noses, we've been tolerating so far. But once you cross the red line, we will respond very harshly", Lukashenko said in Minsk on Monday, talking to a number of ambassadors of foreign countries, including European ones, after their presentation of credentials, "Interfax-Zapad" informs.

"If someone in Europe thinks, we are still can be "bowed" by some sort of sanctions, accusations, demands, then it is the road to nowhere", the president said. "Even if we remain alone, without Russia, China, without any other of our friends, then believe me, we will stand here to death, as once in 1941-1945, protecting you, protecting our independence and sovereignty", Lukashenko stressed. According to him, "this is not some kind of a bravura position". "We just want to be like you - freedom-loving, independent and responsible before our people", the president explained.

Lukashenka also suggested that "you (the West - IF) don't like Lukashenka and the course he pursues". "But we won't back out of it, until I am elected as the president. If people vote for this president, then they support this course. I have the one course - I am devoted to my people", Lukashenko said.

Belarusian president is not for the first time threatens Europeans with his "tough" response. It's also known, that Lukashenko has extremely disrespectful opinion about Western politicians. As UDF.BY wrote earlier, in December, in an interview with "Russian News Service", he said: "All the European leaders are nothing. They are nobody, they have no balls".