Updated at 14:38,23-10-2020

Putin came back. Lukashenko shuddered.


"The sworn friend" of Lukashenko triumphantly returned in the Kremlin. In the morning of March 5 the head of the Central Election Commission of Russia Vladimir Churov, basing on preliminary results of the elections, announced that Vladimir Putin was elected as the Russian president in the first round. This return doesn't bode well to Belarusian authorities. After all, Putin and Lukashenko have never had warm feelings with each other.

In the distant 2000, it was Putin who closed Lukashenko the way to the Kremlin, and then, like a boa , slowly began to swallow Belarus. All the frantic attempts of Lukashenko to resist this creeping incorporation, maneuvering between East and West, were not successful.

When Putin has refused to run for a third term, Minsk sighed with relief. Lukashenko has lost vigilance, even allowed himself to discuss the former president of Russia while talking face to face with Medvedev. And Putin has come back. Came back to remember everything.

UDF.BY has already wrote about the difficult relations between the Belarusian and Russian leaders. We offer again to recall the milestones of this confrontation of the "boa" and "rabbit".

Over the years, while Putin and Lukashenko were in power in the Belarusian-Russian relations different thing were happening. There were periods of "cooling" and "warming", friendly hugs were replaced by conflicts and even trade wars. The same controversial were also the relationships between politicians.

Experts are convinced that Putin and Lukashenko hate each other. And only the political interests make them to communicate with each other: one need cheap Russian hydrocarbons, the second tends to get the laurels of the great post-Soviet integrator.

Answering the question on what will be the character of his first foreign visit after taking office, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, said:"The absolute priority is CIS".