Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

Opposition declared paper war to Lukashenko


It's already obvious to all, that "black list" of the KGB, which Belarusian authorities disown, actually exists. One by one the oppositionists, without explaining the reasons are being turned back at border crossings to their homes.

However, the police, prosecutors and even the Foreign Ministry state they know nothing about the ban for opposition on leaving the country. But politicians were not born yesterday, and intend to pursue either the right for free travel abroad, or the explanations of reasons for the absence of this right.

"The fact that I will defend my rights is definite", coordinator of the civil campaign "For Free Elections" Viktor Kornienko said in an interview with UDF.BY.

Another person from "the list of restricted to travel abroad", the human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich supports his view:

- When I come back home (and to leave I've nevertheless managed), the first thing I will address the Department of Citizenship and Migration Ministry of Internal Affairs with a written request. In accordance with the law they are required over some period to give me an answer, is there any restrictions on me, and by whom they were issued. I'm sure there are no restrictions. So my next step will be to appeal to the prosecutor's office with a request to check on the violation of my legal rights.

Such moods can be easily understood: the state bodies behave very strange on the background of their own statements.

On March 1 Head of Department for Supervision over the execution of laws and legality of legal acts of the Prosecutor's General Office of Belarus Pavel Rodionov, made a statement that for the call for sanctions against the country laws of all restrictions, including a temporary ban on leaving may be used: "It is not a simple populism. These actions can be categorized in terms of criminal law".

A week after this statement, on March 7, Anatoly Lebedko was unable to leave Belarus, and on March 10 - also the chairman of "A Just World" party Sergei Kalyakin with Viktor Kornienko.

However, on March 12 the same Rodionov said, the prosecutor's office had no information about the inclusion of the opposition members in the list of temporarily ban to leave the country.

Strange coincidence, isn't it? Moreover, as the Prosecutor General's Office and State Border Committee denied any involvement in turning back of the politicians at the border. And neither guards nor the Department of Citizenship and Migration of MIA are not going to prosecute and punish oppositionists who had found an opportunity to cross the border. No wonder: it turns out, some kind of a non-existing ban was broken. It turns out, they prevented the departure - but not a single government agency does not accept the responsibility: all just shuffle their pretty legs in the information space.