Updated at 17:19,07-01-2021

Sikorski compared Belarus with North Korea


The Foreign Ministry of Poland representatives believe that the foreign political activities of Belarus are similar to those of North Korea.

It has been stated in the report of the Foreign Minister of Poland Radoslaw Sikorski on the objectives of the Polish foreign policy in 2012, which was presented by him on March 29 at the Polish Parliament, Telegraf informs.

"Only autarkic self-isolating states may enjoy unlimited autonomy today. The states are unbelievable. The Belarusian leader publicly boasts of his absolute independence, for example, from the "EU pressure". In fact, this means that he can imprison the opposition, but entirely depends on those supplying oil or gas to Belarus, offering him some loan guarantees or threatening with their withdrawal. So does the North Korean regime, which exists at discretion of China", the report says.

Besides, the report of the Polish Foreign Ministry says that Belarus insists on implementing the principle of ‘less for less in its relations with Europe. "At the suggestion of Donald Tusk, we have prepared a proposal for cooperation to the forum of Eastern Partnership summit. This proposal is waiting for the day when the repression comes to an end and the political opposition may occupy its place", noted Radoslaw Sikorski.