Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

Opposition members will be deprived of Belarusian citizenship


Such a controversial initiative was made by the odious regime's ideologist, the former head of Belteleradiocompany Alexander Zimovsky.

In the article on the "Belarusian News" website, arguing that many democratic activists today are not allowed to leave Belarus because they are calling for sanctions against the dictatorship for the total violation of human rights, he wrote:

- Meanwhile, the necessary solutions lie on the surface. It is only necessary to read the 18th article of USSR's Law on Citizenship and return this rule to the Belarusian legislation. In the meantime, fussy movements look ridiculous, if not paradoxical. As it turns out that living in the Republic of Belarus without an ability to leave is a serious punishment. And on this occasion the opposition and the authorities are in full consensus.

Legal implementation of the state law to deprive people of this indisputable happiness as Belarusian citizenship, will cool the hot heads of "the fifth column". In contrast, those particularly stubborn in their rejection of "the bloody regime" will be able to realize themselves in the broader political arena. Caught in the diaspora, they will manifest themselves as missionaries of democracy, realizing their wildest imaginations, where they are not known and unexpected.

However, the authorities have a different tactic against their opponents yet. After the ban on leaving the country, the opposition was deprived of passports just in case. First this simple operation was done with a human rights activist Oleg Volchek, then passports of Anatoly Lebedko, Sergei Kalyakin and Alexander Atroshchankau were confiscated and "lost".

In response, the oppositionists on April 2 wrote the statement and submitted to police an application about the theft of their passports by a police officer in Orsha.

"We wrote a statement to the police, stating the name of the police officer, who withdrew, actually stole our passports", Lebedko told "Interfax-Zapad" news agency.

And on April 6 the first hearing on the unlawful deprivation of the right to free movement will be held. The head of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Oleg Gulak will sue the state.

All in all, in the list of restricted to travel abroad, according to unofficial information, are 108 people. In the interview with "Russian News Service" Alexander Lukashenko warned the opposition the list is not used to the "full power".