Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

“The police threatened to take me to the woods and shoot“

Margarita Lavyshik, the girlfriend of the coordinator of the campaign "Revolution through Social Networks" Vyacheslav Dianov, spoke with a video message, where she described the eight-hour interrogation and abuse of the KGB, as well as the slanderous text she was forced to read on camera.

In his blog on the site "Belarusian partisan" Dianov described the circumstances of the girl's detention who should come to him on April 18:

"On that day we agreed to talk on Skype at 12:00. At this time messages similar to this came to me: "There are unknown people near the house, I'm afraid", "What do I do, the neighbors say they are here from the morning, and that I do not need to go!".

I immediately called on Skype. Margarita's voice was frightened, and the question - just one: "What should I do?" My girlfriend was not associated with the opposition and, moreover, was not an activist of any movement. She hasn't had not only questioning - not a single bringing to police ever in her life.

But fate decreed, and she on that day saw firsthand what the media called the "repression of the system", Under the windows was a Volkswagen Transporter van with a tight blue tinted glass. Normal transport of the police special forces.

The first thing I said, "Calm down". After 30 minutes we decided that the girl who lived in an apartment with Margarita, could leave the apartment and look around.

Once Kristina had left the entrance, people in civilian clothes approached her. How it was happening, was heard on the phone, as Margatiya in this moment was talking with her. Less than in five minutes, as the front door opened with a bang, and 5 people in civilian clothes ran into the room. The last I heard on Skype were the words of my girl: "On what basis you came? Where are you dragging me? Who are you?"

Someone Oleg Begunov led the arrest, said Dianob. According to him, the police officer threatened to take the girls into the woods and shoot.

In the Moscow district police department Margarita was interrogated by KGB officers for 8 hours. The girl was threatened by promising to put on 15 days in jail and arrange such interrogations every day. As a result, Margarita was forced to read the prepared text on video, in which she had slandered herself and Dianov.

After keeping the girls one night on Akrestsina where Margarita chilled her back, in the morning with her friend they took them to court. Judge Tatiana Motil made ​​a decision to fine Margarita Lavyshik of 15 basic units.

The same day, the girl took a night train to Warsaw. However, at 5 am, she was removed from the train at the border checkpoint "Brest-Terespol" conducted body searches and confiscated a laptop, put on a train to Terespol. There Margarita was met by Vyacheslav Dianov.

Even in Poland, according to Dianov, the KGB continued to pester the girl, blackmailing her with the threats to publish online candid photos.

"But here KGB men miscalculated. Even before leaving for Warsaw Margaret visited the studio "ZNYATA" where she appeared in a photo shoot in the nude style. These pictures were needed for her to work in a modeling agency, and the funny thing - that they would anyway be in the public domain", writes RTSN coordinator.

According to him, the KGB now requires that Margarita returned to Belarus: "Apparently, they didn't finish ..."

Vyacheslav Dianov publishes one of the photos, by which his girlfriend is blackmailed, and her video message, where Margarita denies confession, made under the KGB pressure.