Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Lukashenko listed those, because of whom the country slid into dicatorship

Because of the strange European politics much time was lost, but the position of Belarus is the same - it is ready for dialogue, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said today, addressing the Belarusian people and the National Assembly, BelTA has learned.

"After the 2010 elections we expected to go the same way - to deepen the dialogue with Europe, USA, to develop the so-called civil society and internal political dialogue, to improve the political system. But the West and the fifth column have decided differently. They not only refused to dialogue, but they launched an attack on our country through pressure and sanctions", said the head of state.

"I hope that today, many have seen - it is the way to a dead end", he added.

"Because of the strange European politics much time was lost, but our position remains the same - we are ready for a dialogue", President of Belarus said.

According to Lukashenko, the ambassadors of European states, accredited in Belarus, has publicly criticized the lack of democracy in the republic, but in fact they love the country in which the work.

"I dare to say today the information which I possess. When the analytic note was brought to me (about the situation in Belarus after the departure of the EU ambassadors - IF), I saw that no one diplomat, who had gone, in fact, did not want it", he said.

"They talk about us: good country, beautiful people, there is where to rest and what to see, not worse than in other EU countries. They are publicly criticizing us, but the truth is different: they like us, appreciate, and say we have democracy not less than any other country in the EU", Alexander Lukashenko said.

The President stressed, the presidential elections in Belarus were held in accordance with national legislation, he noted, the country respects and recognizes the results of the elections, which take place in the EU. "The presidential elections in France were held, we have recognized this result, I first of all congratulated the new president", "Interfax-Zapad" quoted Lukashenko.

"What do you blame us in? The fact we hold elections according to our legislation? So you behave accordingly", the president said.

Lukashenko also said the parliamentary elections in autumn 2012 in the country will be in strict accordance with the Constitution and any changes to the electoral law will not be made​​ before.

"I guarantee, the upcoming election campaign will be held at the highest level and in strict accordance with the Constitution and laws of Belarus", stated the President.

At the same time he appealed to the representatives of the diplomatic corps present in the Oval Hall: "No steps to the left or to the right, I say it specifically for the diplomats and the part of society, which asks how the elections will be held".

The President stressed: "We will change nothing (in the electoral law - IF) on the eve of the upcoming elections. Time is wasted".

Lukashenko also said, he is an opponent of the elections under the proportional system. "The people by the majority system should elect deputies, the deputy should be very close to the ground, to his constituency, he should not depend on any lists", "Interfax-Zapad" quoted Lukashenko.

However, he praised the current composition of Parliament, and suggested that some of deputies present in the Oval Hall will go into the next convocation of the lower and upper chambers of the National Assembly of Belarus.