Updated at 14:37,26-01-2021

Sergei Chaly: It's quite possible, Peftiev remains to chair Beltechexport


One of "Lukashenko's purses" - businessman Vladimir Peftiev sold his company "Beltechexport", involved in the export of weapons and military equipment, to a Russian businessman.

The name of the businessman is Dmitry Gurinovich, however, journalists haven't found yet traces of the Russian businessman.

Economist Sergei Chaly admits, the company can quite possibly be sold to a frontman, and the asset manager is still Vladimir Peftiev. This expert said in an interview with UDF.BY

"All restrictive measures were not directed against the particular business, but against certain people, called "purses of Lukashenko". In fact, these people were not quite the oligarchs - rather, the business supervisors. The first solution that suggests itself after the introduction of restrictive measures by the EU is to change the company's face".

- It means, that formally the head of "Beltechexport" is a "Russian businessman Dmitry Gurinovich", traces of whom no one can find, and Vladimir Peftiev can still steer the company?

- He could, easily. I think the personality doesn't really matters. Company can be leaded by any frontman, preferably with Russian citizenship. So this scenario is realistic.

With regard to Gurinovich, he supposedly is a graduate and PhD student of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Service under the President of Russia (with honors), he is included in the personnel reserve of Russia's president. But this information, again, comes from the same "Beltechexport". And there is no other information about him.

- So, the restrictive measures imposed against Peftiev's "Beltechexport" are canceled against "Beltechexport" leaded by Gurinovich?

- According to the logic of things - yes. The restrictive measures were introduced against Peftiev himself. Now it turns out, Peftiev has no "Beltechexport." It is logical to assume, that assets not belonging to Peftiev are not subject to restrictive measures.

- So, one should expect in the near future, that other Peftiev's companies that subject to the EU sanctions may change owners?

- A set of these people are not so great, and they are not so easy to be found. That is, this is the comprehensive resource. Creating of this less transparent structure is quite a reliable option.