Updated at 14:37,26-01-2021

Peftiev sold Beltechexport to Ermakova's nephew?


Online daily "Belarusian partisan" found traces of "Russian businessman" Dmitry Gurinovich, who, according to official reports, has bought the company Beltechexport recently owned by the oligarch Vladimir Peftiev.

Virtually nothing is known about the new owner of Beltechexport. According to information provided by the company, Gurinovich - Russian businessman, graduate and PhD student of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Service under the President of Russian Federation.

However, according to the source, Gurinovich is a nephew of the current head of the National Bank of Belarus Nadezhda Ermakova.

In addition, "Russian businessman" Gurinovich in the early 2000s was an adviser in Peftiev's company Velcom.

In an interview to UDF.BY the economist Sergei Chaly suggested the new owner of Beltechexport could be a frontman.

"Company can be leaded by any frontman, preferably with Russian citizenship. So this scenario is realistic", the expert told.

It seems, this version becomes fully plausible.

We remind, the EU Council on June 20, 2011 imposed sanctions against Vladimir Peftiev and his three companies, among them the company Beltechexport. Peftiev appears in the "black list" of the EU as "a person associated with President Lukashenko and his family, as chief economic adviser of President Lukashenko and key financial sponsor of Lukashenko's regime, chairman of Beltechexport's shareholders, the biggest company in Belarus, which imports and exports weapons".

With Peftiev name and "Office for Democratic Belarus" in Brussels the scandal has been linked: it was reported, the businessman has promised a million to anyone who will do his exclusion from "the black list" of the EU. Peftiev was among those, whom the head of the Office Olga Stuzhinskaya was trying to cancel the EU sanctions.