Updated at 17:25,07-01-2021

“Putin's hostages“ appearing at large


The first who was freed is the activist of "Young Front" Nikolai Demidenko. He was released earlier at about 11 o'clock on June 1.

"When one illegitimate dictator is going to visit another illegitimate dictator - panic covers both. It looks like the arrests were connected with the arrival of Putin. I hope, today they will release everyone", said Nikolai Demidenko in connection with his release.

As UDF.BY wrote before, on the eve of Minsk visit of President of Russia Belarusian security forces staged "a hunt" for youth activists. Among those who was pre-emptively condemned for "a petty hooliganism" were the activists of "Young Front", "European Belarus" and the Belarusian National Bolsheviks. In total by about two dozen people were subject to repressions.