Updated at 17:25,07-01-2021

“The six“ split into two “three“?


"Round Table" of the opposition parties and movements' leaders on the issue of participation or nonparticipation in the upcoming parliamentary elections ended in scandal. The leaders of the democratic forces have decided to expel journalists from the office in order to discuss this delicate topic for themselves in a calm situation.

Council of Intellectuals was the organizer of the roundtable on elections. The meeting was attended by Vladimir Kolos (Council of Intellectuals), Sergei Kalyakin (A Just World Party), Victor Ivashkevich, Yuri Hubarevich (the movement "For Freedom), Vitaly Rymashevsky (BCD organizing committee), Vladimir Neklyayev also promised to come (initiative "Tell the Truth!").

What was the results of this secret event, UDF.BY reporter learned from chairman of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka.

- Round Table is a discussion, a roundtable discussion on the election campaign - a hot emotional discussion. If to talk about the results that you can take and hold in your hands, one cannot say they actually exist.

But here we have one positive thing: people meet and talk. I would compare it with a peace of coal: some can blow the flame out of a coal, some can cook dinner out of sparks. If there is no spark - you can blow nothing.

There will be cooperation in the form of "a coalition of six" at least in certain areas, such as election observation. The subjects of the coalition has divided as follows: UCP, BPF and BCD - on the one hand, and Kalyakin, Milinkevich and hung between two camps the campaign "Tell the Truth". I am in this case appeal to Feduta's words, who said via the "UCP-TV", if all political prisoners not released, all candidates will be removed.

- It turns out "the six" kicked the bucket?

- No. As part of "the coalition of six" will be cooperation in various fields.

- So, UCP, BPF, BCD stand for removing the candidates (speakers) before the votes, "A Just World" and the movement "For Freedom" - for full participation to the end and "Tell the Truth" hung between the two strategies?

- Hubarevich, representing today the movement "For Freedom", said that it does not matter: whether candidates will withdraw themselves or go to the end. As part of "the coalition of six" cooperation in various fields to be continued. I think a large part of the message to the voters of Democratic Forces (not to say that everything, but the most fundamental aspects) can be agreed between all the actors.

- Why independent journalists were expelled from the meeting?

- UCP has not held even a single event behind closed doors. Today I also said, I did not see any sense to close the meeting to journalists. If certain services are informed about what is happening in the online mode, then why journalists can not do so? Discrimination!

- When are you going to meet again?

- Presidency in the six goes to BCD - on the next week the date and agenda for a next meeting will be defined.