Updated at 14:37,26-01-2021

Lukashenko fired judges from the EU blacklist


On June 18 President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree number 278, according to which a number of judges of Belarus are dismissed, they were accused by the European Union in the repression against the opposition and civil society.

The first dismissed in the list is the judge of Central District Court of Minsk Tatiana Pavlyuchuk whom Lukashenko has mentioned at a meeting on the effectiveness of measures taken to combat corruption on November 13, 2008.

As the blogger d-zholik informs, surname of the judge was named among the associates of the prosecutor of Minsk region Mikhail Snegir. At that time she illegally sentenced to administrative charges for allegedly "unauthorized replanning" the tenant of the apartment, which was taken over by the prosecutor.

The meeting resulted in a categorical form when Lukashenko demanded the Chairman of the Supreme Court to dismiss the judge Pavlyuchuk. However, the case was hushed up, and the judge was not even disciplinary punished. She continued to work and has managed to condemn many of the youth opposition activists - Andrei Kim, Franak Vyachorka, Tatiana Elavaya, Mikhail Pashkevich, and others.

After a while, Tatiana Pavlyuchuk went to social leave. In mid-May 2010 on her place a certain Alexander Khodanovich was temporarily assigned, who already in the first year of his judicial career have been included in the list of persons banned from entering EU territory. The judge was remembered by sentences for taking part in silent protests, the action Stop-Gasoline!, as well as by a fine to the pregnant Tatiana Gatsura, who conducted the rally against death penalty.

However, despite such "services" to the authorities, the judge Khodanovich was also dismissed by presidential decree on June 18, 2012 in connection with ... "the judge of this court Pavlyuchuk Tatiana is starting to work after a social holiday".

But as soon as the judge Pavlyuchuk returned to the workplace, she was also fired - by her own accord, in one day and by one decree with Khodanovich.

Judge of Frunzenski District of Minsk Anna Samolyuk also nor was reassigned, and dismissed in connection with the expiration of the five-year term of office - also the person from the EU's "black list" for the verdicts against protesters of December 19, 2010.

The vice-chairman of Partisanski District Court of Minsk Natalia Chetvertkova was fired by the same wording, she condemned the ex-presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov to a five-years imprisonment in medium security prison and sentenced Oleg Gnedchik to three and a half years' imprisonment in medium security prison, Vladimir Eremenko, Ilya Vasilevich and Fedor Mirzayanov - to three years imprisonment in medium security prison.