Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

Belarusian vaunted air defense turned out leaky as a sieve?

In the Internet there are videos showing how from an unknown aircraft some things are being dropped. One piece of video shot in a cockpit, on the second, where the aircraft can be seen in the sky, one can identify Ivenets city of Minsk region.

Morning, July 4 Swedish daily "The Local" reported, the citizens of this country dropped on Minsk nearly a thousand toys with words of support for democracy and freedom in Belarus.

The pilots claimed, in the morning they also dropped toys on the residence of Alexander Lukashenko.

The participants of the action say they entered the airspace from Lithuania, said they had flew at low altitude, probably that's why they were not detected by radars.

Later, the Ministry of Defence of Belarus denied information about the violation of air borders.

Lithuanian military is also conducting an investigation, whether the aircraft operated by Swedish citizen flew from Lithuania towards Belarus.

"We are finding out, whether any incident violating the rules of flight organization could take place", spokesman for the command Skomantas Povilenis told BNS.