Updated at 17:19,07-01-2021

Swedes strike back: 90 minutes’ footage of 'Bear Bombing Mission'

Nasha Niva

Per Cromwell, the Swedish pilot of the plane which illegally crossed Belarusian border and dropped 800 teddy bears with pro-democracy slogans on Ivianiec and Minsk, uploaded the full-length footage of their flight to Belarus

The video starts with taking off near Kaunas, Lithuania. The plane’s making two rounds over Ivianiec, a town 40 km west from Minsk, may be clearly seen at 21–22nd minute of the video.

Previously it was reported that Belarusian military authorities do not recognize the fact of ‘bear assault’ and the video fake provocation against Belarus. State ideologists also join them. Thus, Vadzim Hihin, the editor-in-chief of a state magazine Bielaruskaja Dumka magazine published a big article affirming the whole story is a great falsification.

However, seeing is believing: