Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

Workers of “Pinskdrev“ enterprise protest

The last straw was getting salary for the month. Dissenting workers gathered for a spontaneous rally and decided to leave the pro-state trade union.

About 100 applications have been written at once. About 150 are already collected, collecting goes on, applications will be submitted to the Director-General Alexander Sudnik.

It all happened in one of the structural units of the holding company "Pinskdrev" in the factory of sliced veneer and furniture.

Worker Dmitri commented on the situation:

- The economic situation of workers is so hard now, when wages, compared to the work people do, are so miserable, so mocking of our heavy slave labor, which is comparable to servitude labor. And just today, people were got paychecks in our factory, saw them, and dropped their hands. Because the amounts we are paid - mocking, because people need to feed their families, to feed themselves, pay loans, and in fact, it's not only impossible, but it drives the people into a kind of bondage, because there are debts and so on.

Worker noted, the dissatisfaction was there for a long time, but people held on to the last, tried to go to the Director General, believed in better changes following after the resignation of Laurent Arinich and after trials for the explosion. As noted by Dmitri, rumors about the open protest in the plant are being distributed throughout the holding company and those wanted to join are a lot.