Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

Frolov: We'll sort it out - and punish. No matter who.


"There is an army joke: we'll sort it out - and punish no matter who. I think in this case they'll do exactly like this", said General Valerie Frolov about Lukashenko's promised punishment of those responsible for the incident of Swedish aircraft flight over Belarus.

We remind, on July 26 at the meeting on the status of bringing the armed forces and the State Border Committee of Belarus in line with modern requirements, the president expressed his dissatisfaction with the actions of military officials in the situation with "teddy bears bombardment".

"How to explain the provocation with the light airplane, which not only crossed the border, but also invaded Belarus territory with impunity? As it's first and foremost - the safety of our citizens. Moreover, this plane was detected in time. Why chiefs haven't stopped the flight? Whom they take pity on? Is it blockheadedness of specific executors or the errors in the state's border guard system of airspace? I would like to hear answers to these question", said the head of state adding "those responsible must be punished".

"One cannot barge through the facts. So these facts don't occur anymore - one need to take actions in the armed forces, air defense forces", General Valerie Frolov comments the situation. "The simplest low-cost way to restore order is to sort out the personnel: someone didn't suit because of age, someone just turned up. After Mathias Rust's flight over the Kremlin, the heads of entire leadership of USSR Defense Ministry were flown away. Which parallels the Belarusian authorities will draw with this flight - it's hard to judge".

However, Frolov did not rule out, the "answer" for the Swedish aircraft will be laid on 20-year-old student Anton Suryapin, who is held in the KGB jail without charges, and on Realtor Sergei Basharimov who leased the Swedes an apartment.

"Belarusian security services operate by the principle "better to detain a hundred people than a single one - among them could be the guilty". And they act in this way. For edification to other realtors, so they don't lease anymore apartments to Israelis, Poles, Lithuanians ... There is an army joke: we'll sort it out - and punish no matter who. I think, Belarusian security forces are guided by this very proverb", General believes.