Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

“Teddy bear drop“ organizers to answer to KGB's subpoenas today


Tomas Mazetti, Per Cromwell and Hannah-Lina Frey will make a statement in this case.

According to Mazetti, they first saw KGB's subpoenas with a suggestion to arrive to Minsk for conducting investigation actions at the official web-site of the KGB. Later on, an unknown person who introduced himself as a journalist, tried to find out the Swedes' home addresses. Finally, the subpoenas were sent to them via e-mail. Besides, Mazetti calls this letter "a rather unclear" one, informs Radio Liberty.

Last week the Committee for the State Security (KGB) suggested that the "teddy bears landing" organizers should arrive to Minsk within 10 days. They should have passports or other IDs with them. They are supposed to inform the KGB about the time of their arrival beforehand. If the Swedes ignore the subpoenas, they face up to 6 months of imprisonment