Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Mass arrests of opposition social networks communities administrators

Nasha Niva

Paviel Jeucikhiejeu, one of the opposition social network communities activists captured yesterday, was charged with petty hooliganism and sentenced to 5 days’ arrest, Viasna says.

Besides Paviel Jeucikhiejeu, police detained Raman Pratasievich, Andrej Tkachou and several other persons who are said to be moderators of opposition communities.

Raman Pratasievich is said to be beaten, threaten but then released as he is under age.

Mr. Tkachou’s girlfriend flat was searched. A laptop was seized, and Mr. Tkachou was taken for questioning. As it became known, he was sentenced to 7 days in jail.

Activist Siarhiej Biaspalau was warned by friends and escaped the arrest.

Alieh Shamruk, a moderator of community "We are tired of this Lukashenka", was held in Viciebsk.

A woman knocked on his door offering to buy rat poison. She wasn't let in, however she knocked once again. After Mr. Shamruk opened the door, the police officers burst into the flat and captured him no explanations.

He was taken for questioning but then released.

Moreover, unknown hacked the blog by opposition politician Viktar Ivashkievich and published an article defaming journalist Iryna Khalip on his behalf.

Human rights activist Valiancin Stefanovich considers the detentions to be preventive ones.

Mr. Stefanovich also supposes the arrests to be linked to appeals to boycott parliamentary elections as this causes morbid reactions by the authorities.

The legislation of Belarus does not prohibit calling on to boycott the elections, however the arrests of the moderators may be linked to such appeals, he says.