Updated at 11:59,21-05-2018

Lithuanian parliament urges to hold investigation over Bialiacki case

Nasha Niva

Stasys Kausinis says the Ministry of Justice did not care to make official papers legal in Belarusian court.

Stasys Kausinis, a member of Lithuanian Helsinki Group, addressed Chairperson of Seimas’ committee on foreign affairs Emanuelis Zingeris and Lithuania foreign minister Audronius Azubalis and called on them to initiate a parliamentary investigation on the incident with Alies Bialiacki, delfi.lt says.

Stasys Kausinis supposes that after the scandal around Alies Bialiacki — when Belarus was provided with Alies Bialiacki’s bank account information — the Ministry of Justice failed to contest the information in proper way.

When the statement of the account became the ground for the arrest of Alies Bialiacki, Lithuania’s vice-Minister of Justice Tomas Vaitkevicius send two letters that read: "We would like to inform you, that the provided information is not trustworthy."

However, Stasys Kausinis says the Ministry of Justice did not even care to make the documents legal in Belarusian court.

"The letter was written by the working group of the Foreign Ministry and Interior Ministry. I also was present there," says vice-minister Vaitkevicius. "We were discussing the wording for a long time. We wanted the document to be used in [Belarusian] court. We thought it would be enough to write it this way. The more detailed comment was not considered obligatory."

"In our country, if a court had received the letter, it would have completely changed the situation. But the situation in Belarus does not like a usual justice," he added.