Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Workers locked in workshops during Lukashenkas visit


The workers of Borisovdrev share shocking details of the dictators visit.

A Belgazeta journalists working trip to Borisovdrev, where Alexander Lukashenko had been shortly before, turned into a thriller with notes of absurd.

The first shift finished at 3.50 p.m at Borisovdrev. But it was the head of the security, but not the tired working class people, who waited for the Belgazetas correspondent at the plants control post.

"I did not like you immediately!" he greeted the media representative. "You pull out your dictaphone on any occasion. By the way, I had a dictaphone already in the beginning of the 1990-ies, a German one! Have you come to talk to the workers at the control post? And I am here to prevent you from doing this. Nobody has sent me I will be standing here near you freezing and interfering on my own initiative. Since our plant is clean, good, successful and works as it is supposed to".

"Hello-hello!" the head of the security ran to a worker who came out of the doors and who was noticeably limping with one leg. "Do you remember me? Then do not talk to the correspondent or I will break your other leg!"

"Girls!" Parfionau shouted at the bunch of female workers exiting the control post. "Do not talk to this person! It is a sexual maniac, he will molest you!"

At some moment this active person had to be distracted for a phone call: it was about giving out milk for harmful nature of the labour. The first worker willingly shared the situation at the "working as supposed" plant when the head of security was absent: "We are paid 1.2-1.5 million roubles. Only pensioners like me work at the plant for such money, because one would not go anywhere else. I have been working for 40 years, I have survived 22 directors. We are just robots for them. Modernization? It all falls apart here, there is no order and never will be!"

During Lukashenkas visit to Borisovdrev "there were people with machine guns everywhere and we were locked in the workshops. We spent there one and a half hours there and could not leave. I thought I would come up to him and say: "Aliaksandr Rygoravich, it all falls apart here!" They would not let me do this. And the people who did public works at the plant were taken away for the day. They brought them back the next day, they constantly work here".