Updated at 22:06,23-05-2018

Poland Forbids about 20 Belarusian Officials to Enter the Country


Lech Kaczyński has approved the plan of actions of the Polish government concerning Belarus (being updated)

Having met Lech Kaczyński, the Foreign Minister of Poland Radosław Sikorski claimed that the President has approved the plan of actions of the Polish government concerning Belarus. However, Radosław Sikorski decided to keep the plan a secret.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already fulfilled the first paragraph of the plan – "the black list" of Belarusian officials forbidden to enter Poland will come into power on the night of February 16, said the head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to journalists.

Radosław Sikorski: "The persons who took part in the dissent of the democratically elected Union of Poles in Belarus and the Belarusian officials controlling actions of the police will be forbidden to enter Poland starting from midnight on Monday. They will not be given visas. There are about 20 people on the list".

The other measures will remain in "the standby mode" for now. Poland gives the Belarusian authorities a chance to change the tactics and start realizing "the desire of good relations with Poland" Syarhei Martynau mentioned in Warsaw in practice.

Radosław Sikorski: "It is still possible to leave the wrong way. We would be very glad if it happened. However, we have already started realizing our actions in response to the negative scenario".