Updated at 20:51,24-11-2020

$26,000 for information: Who tortured 16-year-old girl?


Viachaslau Sheleg, a small business owner and opposition activist from Babruysk (Mahiliow region), will pay the money reward (BYR 250,000,000) to anyone is able to help him find the persons who kidnapped and assaulted his daughter last year.

His 16-year-old daughter Natallia was abducted by unknown men on July 27. After she went out for her regular morning exercise at about 6:30 am, someone knocked her unconscious from behind. When she regained consciousness, she saw that she was in a forest. She found her glasses and shoes missing, her clothing torn and her face daubed with black paint.

Local police seem to have washed their hands: according to the investigators, it is Viachaslau Sheleg who intentionally imitated kidnapping. He wanted to leave Belarus and have evidence of being persecuted when seeking political asylum, they suggested. But at the same time, they failed to establish this case. Natallia's offenders have not either been found yet.

'In December they told me Natallia had done all the things herself,' the activist, whose opinion has always been that the local authorities are behind the crime, says.

Mr Sheleg refused to make public the evidence he has; all he wants on this stage is identifying criminals or at least, finding those who possess any information about the case.

'I am ready to pay money reward to any person who will help me to solve it. There must be a person who has something to say but hasn't said yet,' he stresses. The offenders also might name their patron, he adds.

Daughter still has health problems

As no person was found to be qualifies as a suspect, the investigation was suspended, Aksana Salianyuk, a representative of the State Investigation Committee, explains. The official emphasizes that it will be resumed as soon as new evidence has come to light.

Meanwhile, Natallia Sheleg has still been suffering consequences of the attack. She was diagnosed with cervical dislocation, terrible headaches torment the girl. 'One day she lost consciousness on her way to school. It's a good thing that her friends were with her and brought her home,' Mr Sheleg said.