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From Belarus to Bahrain, the small states going big on cryptocurrency Kомментарии
09 август 2019, 11:46 | English / Foreign media

When Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko met entrepreneur Viktor Prokopenya in March 2017, their discussion was scheduled to last for an hour but went on for three times that long. „итать

Putin Seeks to Lock in Parliament Control Kомментарии
19 июль 2019, 16:46 | English / Foreign media

Kremlin said to consider electoral changes to ensure hold. Parliament could be vital in decisions on extending Putin rule. „итать

Time to pay attention to Belarus Kомментарии
18 июль 2019, 16:47 | English / Foreign media

Belarusian president Aleksander Lukashenko last month opened the second European Games, four years after the inaugural session hosted by Azerbaijan. „итать

As Putin Pushes a Merger, Belarus Resists With Language, Culture and History Kомментарии
12 июль 2019, 12:33 | English / Foreign media

With his vulnerable country under mounting pressure to integrate with Russia, its much bigger and stronger neighbor, a Belarusian poet and television presenter has identified what he thinks is potent weapon of defense: an inch-tall piece of carved deer antler. „итать

Wimbledon umpires hand down record number of fines for swearing and racquet smashing Kомментарии
12 июль 2019, 12:27 | English / Foreign media

Wimbledom umpires have handed down a record amount of fines in the competition’s first week, suggesting that the Championships is set to have its worst display of bad behaviour yet. „итать

Want to Relax? Try the Spa in a Salt Mine in Belarus Kомментарии
22 май 2019, 16:26 | English / Foreign media

To some, the suggestion of a visit to the salt mines evokes grim memories of prison camps. But allergy sufferers swear by the health benefits. „итать

Putin’s Term Limit Stirs Fears of a Takeover in Belarus Kомментарии
25 апрель 2019, 10:49 | English / Foreign media

President Vladimir Putin may look beyond Russia for a mechanism to keep power after his current term ends. „итать

Belarus demolishes crosses at Soviet-era execution site Kомментарии
18 апрель 2019, 10:24 | English / Foreign media

Belarus officials have used bulldozers to demolish 70 crosses marking the site of mass executions during Joseph Stalin's communist dictatorship. „итать

Chernobyl’s disastrous cover-up is a warning for the next nuclear age Kомментарии
15 апрель 2019, 11:09 | English / Foreign media

Before expanding nuclear power to combat climate change, we need answers to the global health effects of radioactivity. „итать

Will Russia try to occupy Belarus? Kомментарии
29 март 2019, 14:40 | English / Foreign media

Here are the 4 things you need to know about the two nations’ falling out. „итать

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