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'The only way to stop violence': why protesters are unmasking Belarus police
01 октябрь 2020, 02:18 | English / Foreign media

Pulling off balaclavas and publishing names is new tactic to stem harassment and assaults read more

Lukashenko abruptly sworn in, Belarus opposition calls for more protests
23 сентябрь 2020, 15:27 | Main story / Foreign media

MINSK (Reuters) - Ignoring calls for an end to his 26-year grip on power, President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus was sworn in for a sixth term on Wednesday after an election that the opposition and several foreign governments say was rigged. read more

Belarus: dozens of peaceful female protesters thrown into vans by riot police
17 сентябрь 2020, 21:29 | English / Foreign media

Rally in Minsk against disputed re-election of Lukashenko was attended by thousands Rally in Minsk against disputed re-election of Lukashenko was attended by thousands read more

Belarus Air Force pilot quits army, eyes IT job after rigged election
17 сентябрь 2020, 21:17 | English / Foreign media

Euroradio has learned of another soldier who had left the armed forces for reasons of conscience. read more

From Washington to Minsk, democracy is under siege ... and losing the battle
29 август 2020, 21:56 | English / Foreign media

The supposed triumph of western liberal values in the 1990s – the ‘end of history’ – now rings hollow indeed read more

Two opposition leaders arrested in Belarus after day of protest
29 август 2020, 21:47 | English / Foreign media

Factory strike leader and Tikhanovskaya aide held as Lukashenko releases video of himself armed with rifle read more

The Guardian view on Russia and Belarus: the battle for democracy
29 август 2020, 21:37 | English / Foreign media

The apparent poisoning of the prominent Putin critic Alexei Navalny and the ongoing protests in Belarus have created diplomatic dilemmas for the west read more

How the two flags of Belarus became symbols of confrontation
25 август 2020, 13:45 | English / Foreign media

Lukashenko regime supporters wave Soviet-era green and red banners but Minsk is shrouded in red and white. read more

Belarus protests: Minsk still in revolt after week of fear, pride and hope
23 август 2020, 14:48 | English / Foreign media

Protesters remain defiant but there is a sense of foreboding as embattled Lukashenko digs in “During this week, we have lived many lives,” Maria Kolesnikova, one of the leaders of the Belarusian opposition, said in a video address to supporters on Friday. read more

Belarusians seek justice for brutal beatings by riot police
21 август 2020, 17:20 | English / Foreign media

Stories of abuse emerge as more than 7,000 people were detained after rigged election read more

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