Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Gazeta Wyborcza: Minsk agreements not worth the paper they are printed on


Declarations of Russia could not be trusted, and Minsk agreements just show paper is wasted on them.

Ukrinform writes about that with a reference to the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza.

“There are no grounds to believe in the words pronounced or written by Russia. Only actions could be trusted. As long as Russian military air forces violated air space of the countries from Alaska to Europe, making NATO planes take off, and as Russia fired a missile which is able to carry nuclear arms, it can be an evidence of bad intentions. And Minsk agreements could just demonstrate that paper had been wasted on them,” the newspaper stated.

As noted by the newspaper, the Minsk agreements signed in September, for some reason relate to the Ukrainian side only, as separatists declared immediately that they do not have any bearing to the buffer zone, and the Ukrainian troops should withdraw. The newspaper also underlines: just when the agreement, supported by the EU as well, came into force, Russia brought into Ukraine new “humanitarian convoys”, and those who had been shooting, continue to shoot today as well.

The newspaper notes that despite the fact that the head of the European diplomacy Federica Mogherini insists on further observation of the Minsk agreements, Russian troops are not going to leave the territory of Ukraine.

“Russia is constantly repeating that Crimea belongs to it, and they need to receive a land corridor to the Crimea. The bridge Russia-Crimea would be too expensive. Judging by the movement of the troops, Russia wants to break a corridor to Crimea through Ukraine. And consequently, the Minsk agreement is a fiction,” the newspaper believes.

As noted by the publication, for Moscow all its agreements are theoretical. Moscow can sign some documents, but if they are not beneficial for them, Russians will stop to abide by them at once.

The newspaper also ironically hints that Europeans should not even doubt who could violate borders of other countries. “A European, if you hear a splash of water in the Baltic Sea and it seems that it is a submarine, do not hesitate whose it is. Just shout: “Happy New Year, comrades!” the newspaper writes.