Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

A cheeky fare-dodge: Bizarre moment bus passenger gets her skirt trapped as she tries to wriggle out of coach window during tug-of-war with a ticket inspector in Belarus


This is the bizarre moment a bus passenger gets her skirt trapped as she tried to wriggle out of a coach window during a tug-of-war with a ticket inspector.

The clip - filmed in Minsk, the capital of Belarus - shows a 32-year-old woman trying to climb out of a bus window amid claims she tried to avoid paying an on-the-spot fine.

After repeated attempts, the woman manages to get her legs out, but is trapped at the last moment when the inspector grabs her handbag.

As the woman tries to wriggle free from the clutches of the inspector, her skirt gets caught on the window as traffic passes by just metres away.

One eyewitness said: 'She's left there hanging in limbo and the more she wriggles, the more her dress rides up. Eventually you can see virtually everything she's got.'

The woman only broke free when she let go of her handbag, leaving it with the inspector inside the bus, and apparently walking off down the street without her belongings.

Now both sides have made complaints to police - the transport company accusing the woman of fare dodging, while the female passenger is claiming assault and false imprisonment.

A police spokesman would only say: 'It is under investigation.'