Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

Anti-crisis Seminars Took Place in Minsk Region


Minsk regional coalition of the United Democratic Forces (UDF) has conducted the Anti-crisis seminars in Smolevichi (June 5), Vileika and Molodechno (June 6).

The position of the UDF how to overcome the consequences of the crisis in Belarus was presented by Vice-Chairman of United Civil Party (UCP), economist Jaroslav Romanchuk. The goal of the seminars is to inform regional activists about the Anti-crisis proposals of the UDF, the chairman of Minsk regional organization of the UCP Vladimir Kazak said.

According to Vladimir Kazak the participants of the meetings analyzed economic situation in the recent years and gave the prognosis for the future. "Our economy needs reforms, present economic system is outdated. UDF developed, agreed and sent their proposals to the Government".

In the seminars participated the activists of the parties, trade unions, entrepreneurs and "new people". "Among them were the directors of schools, young boys and girls. About 20 people participated in each meeting, the rooms were small", — Vladimir Kazak said.

Seminar in Vileika was held at the office of the democratic forces, in Molodechno — in the office of the United Civil Party and in Smolevichi — in a private apartment of trade union activist. The participants of the seminars were given special issue of the newspaper "Glotok Vozduha" and information about the Anti-crisis issues.

The head of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko, who participated in the meetings in Vileika and Molodechno, noted that the UCP has been working "on popularization and promotion of the Anti-crisis proposals". "It is our main priority. At the same time we distributed the materials about the Anti-crisis proposals of the UDF. The most intense work is taking place in Minsk region", — Anatoly Lebedko said.

We want to remind that on June, 4, the seminar on the preparation of Anti-crisis managers took place in Borisov. On June, 20, Anti-crisis seminars will be held in Slutsk and on June, 27, in Kletsk.