Updated at 14:29,29-07-2020

Insider: Minsk Among 11 European Capitals With Cheapest Metro Fares


Insider: Minsk Among 11 European Capitals With Cheapest Metro Fares
Insider has ranked the continent’s cheapest capital cities based on the cost of a single fare, or shortest journey duration on their public transport system.

Here’s where you get the most bang for your buck.

Minsk and Kyiv share the first place in the ranking. According to Insider, Europe’s major cities are often best explored using their abundant, and cheap, public transport systems.

Many of Europe’s capital cities have extensive metro systems which let tourists and locals get around quickly, efficiently, and most of all, cheaply. Minsk and Kyiv metro fares are the best proof.

A single journey in Minsk, Belarus, costs 0, 65 Belarusian rubles ($0.32), and in Kyiv, Ukraine it costs 8 hryvnias ($0.32), making them the joint cheapest metro capitals in Europe.

The third cheapest is Romania’s Bucharest, a metro trip there costs $0.58 cents. Be prepared to pay $0.60 in Moscow, when using the top-up card or $0.86 for an old-fashioned paper ticket.

The Bulgarian capital Sofia rounds us the top five. A single journey on the Sofia Metropolitan network costs 1,60 Bulgarian Lev, which equals $0.90.

Next in the ranking is Prague (Czech Republic), Tallinn (Estonia), Warsaw (Poland), Budapest (Hungary), and Athens (Greece). The list is rounded up with the Portuguese capital of Lisbon where a trip costs $1.6.

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