Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

Social Democrats deprived of headquarters


On July 23 the Economic Court of Minsk postponed examination of claim against the Belarusian Social Democratic party (Hramada) by the cooperative housing society from which the party rents the office.

The question whether the party’s legal address would remain the same, is open. The central office of the party, Minsk city branch of Hramada and 4 district branches are registered at the current address.

In fact, evicting the party which is followed by loss of the legal address means its liquidation and leaving the political scene. Today’s session hasn’t taken place because of absence of the complainant, the new chairperson of the cooperative housing society, and was postponed to July 28.

The core of the conflict is the following: a newly elected chairperson of the cooperative housing society L. Korabava believes that the previous chairman didn’t have a right to let the premises.

"Internal disputes are taking place in the cooperative housing society, and where do we come into the matter?" Anatol Lyaukovich, the party leader, said to "Belarusian partisan". "The fact is that in 2006 we signed a preliminary agreement: it was stipulated that the party would do repair works. Actually, we have made it possible for the premises to be rented, as they were dilapidated before. And to my mind, as common sense suggests, the new chairperson came and decided to earn some money. But what bearing do we have to that?"