Updated at 22:06,23-05-2018

May 31 UCP will Name Its Candidate for Presidency

Pavyel Dyadin, news portal www.UDF.BY

May 31 the United Civil Party will name its candidate for the presidency and introduce his election platform – "A million new jobs for Belarus", the press service of the UCP reported.

The party will also present "the UCP team of reformers" which will implement the programme in case of victory in the presidential election.

According to the developers, the programme "A million new jobs for Belarus" is a set of "comprehensive proposals on modernisation of Belarus" which provides for a "partnership of employers and wage workers".

"We state that the Belarusian government has created a serious threat on the labour market. It cannot cope with the task of creating new jobs. It is not able to modernise the economy. The authorities block the development of national business. They build fences around the country, not bridges. They do not understand the causes of the crisis and cannot offer effective ways out of it", state the authors of the document.

Now the UCP has two contenders for the presidency. They are the party's leader Anatol Lyabedka and his deputy – the head of Mises Research Centre Yaraslau Ramanchuk. The National Committee of the party decided at its last meeting to take a pause for further consultations with party activists. The upshot of the talks between the two politicians will be known next week.