Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Vilejka District Court Did Not Grant an Appeal of Vladimir Malyarchuk


Vilejka district court did not grant an appeal of activist of the United Civil Party Vladimir Malyarchuk.

According to Vladimir Malyarchuk local authorities determined only two places on the outskirts of Vileika where it was allowed to hold protest actions. It is a dance floor in a city park and summer amphitheater. There is no sense to hold protest actions in these places. "Dance floor is always locked and summer amphitheater is outside the city" - Vladimir Malyarchuk said.

Judge Elena Artimovich came to a decision that "it is the responsibility of local executive and administrative bodies to set up the places for holding protest actions".

Vladimir Malyarchuk said that he would appeal this decision in Minsk regional court. If the court keeps the decision in force, the activist will send a complaint to the UN Committee on Human Rights.