Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Fair world Decided on the Participation Format in the Presidential Elections

Eduard Gevarkin, news portal www.UDF.BY

Belarusian left party "Fair world" considers it as inappropriate to nominate its candidate for coming elections. Such decision was made yesterday on the plenum of the Party central committee after the three hours long discussion.

The decision was motivated that "democratic forces did not manage to agree on the joint candidate" and did not find "joint winning strategy for the coming presidential elections".

- Lack of common strategy and tactic makes senseless the question about the amount of candidates: one, three, ten or non one, - leader of "Fair world" Sergey Kalyakin commented such decision to the correspondent of the news portal www.UDF.BY. - It is silly in such situation to take part in the campaign as the candidate to the president position according to the principle "participation just for the process".

At once the party is not going to opt out from the elections. Party leader thinks "fair world is not possible without fair election".

In such conditions the party "Fair world" will channel all intellectual, human and other resources jointly with other interested organisations to conduction of campaign "Fair elections"- the Resolution of the Central committee says.

It is planned to mobilize citizens for participation in the elections as members of electoral commissions, observers during voting, for detection and suppressing of breaking the electoral law and falsifications of the voting results, gathering information on the infringement of citizens rights, on the facts of falsification and for making such information public during the campaign.

- To achieve goals in the framework of the campaign "Fair elections" is only possible through efforts consolidation of all interested persons, political parties, NGOs, non-party citizens, - the party chairman said.

He underlined that "there were organised not only consultation on the coordination of activities for conducting campaign "Fair election", but the real work was already started".

Soon as to S. Kalyakin "the call will be send to central electoral committee with the demand to enact based on the existing legislation legal texts, which will provide the opportunities for observers really control the counting of the votes."