Updated at 11:25,18-04-2018

BPF party activist denied job for activism for 10th time


Leanid Autukhou, chairman of Haradok branch of the Belarusian Popular Front party (BPF), once again tried to find a job under the direction of the Employment centre.

However, his 10th attempt failed again. "Radio Svaboda" informs.

Leanid Autukhou informed that he has received a direction to Haradok forestry enterprise (Vitsebsk region), as there were vacancies. In the first it was confirmed, however he was asked: "Are you the Autukhou who is a BPF member?" The oppositionist confirmed that he is het leader of the local branch of the party.

After that statement director of the forestry enterprise invited the activist for conversation and said there were no more vacancies left.

The oppositionist states that he had been trying to qualify for different jobs by official means only, which is through the Employment centre. The number of attempts to find employment through the old boy network was almost the same. Usually right after employers heard Leanid Autukhou is opposition activist, he heard a refusal.

Autukhou lost his job in March 2007. He worked as an operator of sewage treatment works in Haradok, but a labour contract with him was not extended after he started to express his political views openly and took part in oppositional rallies.