Updated at 23:25,12-02-2019

Lyaukovichs social democrats deprived of office in Minsk


In accordance with a court decision, the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) must vacate the premises, where the central Minsk office is located.

BelaPAN learnt about this from party deputy head Anatol Sidarevich.

"We must to vacate the premises in accordance with the court decision. I am going to office now to switch off the telephones," he said.

The BSDP (Hramada) leased the premises in Minsk that belonged to a housing corporation. The offices of the central, Minsk and four district party divisions were located there.

The new head of the housing utility decided the previous head hadnt had the right to lease the premises and filed a claim to the economic court of Minsk. The court suggested that the parties should settle the conflict with the help of an intermediate party, but the social democrats failed to come to terms with the housing utility.

The BSDP (Hramada) hasnt found a new office in Minsk yet. The party leader Anatol Lyaukovich doesnt exclude he will have to register the central outside Minsk.