Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

BPC Says that Justice Ministry Has No Grounds for Refusing to Register its New Name


The justice ministry has no grounds for refusing to register the new name of the Belarusian Party of Communists (BPC), Valery Ukhnalyow, secretary of the BPC Central Committee, told BelaPAN.

The party has addressed the ministry's objections to the name, the "Spravedlivy Mir" (Just World) Belarusian Party of the United Left, and the amended charter, Mr. Ukhnalyow said.

In particular, the BPC has removed the word "united" from the name because the justice ministry insists that the party has not actually united with any other organization, he said.

Moreover, the word "Communists" will not be used in the charter with regard to the party's members, as the ministry believes that the party will cease to be a communist one as soon as its new name is registered, Mr. Ukhnalyow said.

The BPC submitted the amended charter to the justice ministry on January 13 and hopes that its new name will be registered within 10 days.

An overwhelming majority of the delegates to the BPC's October 25 convention voted for renaming it the "Spravedlivy Mir" Belarusian Party of the United Left and adopting the ensuing changes to its charter. An application for the registration of the new name and the party's amended charter was filed a month later.
In late December, the justice ministry took one more month to decide on the application.