Updated at 18:21,18-06-2018

Der Spiegel: New axis of evil between Iran and Belarus

Der Spiegel

Minsk may ship air defense complexes S-300 to Iran.

According to the German Der Spiegel magazine, the Israeli government is seriously concerned over the possibility of creation of a new "axis of evil" between Iran and Belarus, which is ready to provide official Tehran with modern air defense complexes S-300, which, according to the magazine’s news story, Minsk has in abundance. Belarusian S-300 could protect Iranian nuclear objects from possible attacks of Israeli or American aviation.

It is known that the Islam Republic have long tried to obtain strongly desired air defense complexes, however all the previous attempts to buy such an equipment from Russia failed.

Whereas Belarus, having not a good reputation, is looking for additional income sources, since, like the dictator Lukashenka emphasized, "Belarus and Iran have similar worldview".