Updated at 11:25,18-04-2018

Izvestia: Lukashenka is afraid of the residence assault


Belarus has bought from Israel anti-ram blockers for the rulers residence, the newspaper Izvestiya reports.

Russian Federal Security service is buying from Israel several sets of anti-ram road blockers for installing them near the buildings of the state agencies, protected by RFS. The total amount of the purchase is over 74 million roubles.

Blockers are steel retractable pillars. The time of them rising off under the road coverage is not more than 5 seconds. The blockers task is to stop a car with terrorists or explosives before it enters the territory of an object being protected. As few as two such pillars are able to stop an average lorry, approaching the object with the speed from 45 to 75 km/h. Most often the blockers are underground in order not to put obstacles in the way of official transport.

- Israel is well known for its experience in developing the equipment of anti-terroristic purpose, we improve this equipment here adjusting to the climatic conditions and the desires of the client, - they explained in to Izvestiya in VST-Spetstekhnika company.

It is planned that the new blockers will be installed at the objects before the end of the year.

- The purchase of the sets for 2013 is a planned one. We do not tell at which objects the blockers will be installed, but everyone will see it, when the equipment is there, - a RFS representative Sergei Deviatov notes.

Kremlin, State Duma, the House of the Government are equipped with the blockers in Moscow. In Moscow region Prime-Ministers residence in Gorki, state summer houses Zubalovo and Barvikha-4. In Saint Petersburg - Tauride Palace, where the CIS inter-parliamentary assemblys headquarters are currently situated. In Sochi the protection from terrorists is installed at the entrance to the presidential residence Bocharov Ruchei. The same blockers were purchased for the residence of the Belarusian ruler Aliaksandr Lukashenka.