Updated at 11:25,18-04-2018

BBC: Belarusian goods are more expensive at home than abroad


Paradoxes of Lukanomy: The Ministry of Economy officially confirms that domestic goods are sold cheaper abroad than at home.

However common citizens noticed such a paradox already last year: for example, Belarusians would bring home corset lingerie by famous Minsk’s Milavitsa from a business trip to Moscow, BBC reports.

"Accidentally I saw a familiar brand at a signboard, went inside and - oh my god – the choice was wider than in our chain stores and the prices were lower. And there were such good sales which we here could not have dreamt about", - a tourist from Minsk, who travelled to Russia, does not conceal her pleasure.

Belarusian television sets are sold 16% cheaper abroad. In the yearly plan the export of refrigerators and washing machines is stated as unprofitable in 2013. It is more advantageous for a Belarusian to by domestic vodka, meat and chicken eggs abroad too. It is only that you would not run to a foreign country like to a next door grocery store.

Domestically produced vegetable oil is offered to Belarusian at the price of 1081 USD per ton, but exported at 174.2 USD for a ton. A ton of butter, for example, has been valued of 5392 USD by the Ministry of Economy in the domestic market, but in the external market the price is 3600 USD.

In the meanwhile the cost price of a ton of butter produced in Belarus, according to the calculations of an economist Leanid Zlotnikau, accounted for 6-7 thousand USD last year.