Updated at 11:25,18-04-2018

UNIAN: Berezovsky illegally lived in Belarus for 2 years


This statement was made by a Russian politologist and close friend of the Russian oligarch.

Stanislav Belkovsky talked to UNIAN news agency about the relations between the Belarusian ruler and Vladimir Putin and the future of the Customs Union.

"I see no strategic prospects for the development of this structure, principal interests in the relations of Russia and Ukraine as well as Belarus and Kazakhstan significantly differ. We see that, for example, Kazakhstan turns more toward Turkey and the US. It's not without reason that Nursultan Nazarbayev has recently announced that Kazakhstan will switch to the Latin script. It is a sign that the country doesn't regard Russia as a long-term partner, especially an older one, any more. The relations between Lukashenka and Putin are very complicated whatever rhetoric we see in the media."

"My friend Boris Berezovsky died recently. I can now say he had cooperated with Lukashenka for two years. The latter was very interested in Berezovsky's help to struggle against Moscow and Putin. Boris Berezovsky even illegally lived in Belarus for two years. Not permanently, but from time to time. I don't see opportunities for the three countries and three leaders to agree on something strategic. The Customs Union looks more like a publicity move," Stanislav Belkovsky said.

The exiled Russian oligarch, who had received political asylum in the UK, was found dead in the bathroom of his home in Ascot, Bershire. The British media wrote he was depressed and had financial problems after he had lost a lawsuit against Roman Abramovich in August 2012. Berezovsky's friend suppose he may have been murdered.

Russian and Belarusian media repeatedly reported about contacts between Lukashenka and Berezovsky and the oligarch’s business interests in Belarus.

The tycoon was reported to have visited Belarus, though he was on Russia's wanted list.