Updated at 17:39,28-11-2020

FEMEN: Lukashenka is among our main enemies and we are preparing next visit to Belarus


Representatives of a famous protest group are waiting for the dictator in Kyiv.

Activists also want to visit Belarus again, FEMEN member Alexandra Shevchenko told Polskie Radio.

"We have several reasons, personal and public ones, for visiting Belarus," Alexandra Shevchenko said.

According to her, the public reason is to show their discontent with the Lukashenka dictatorship. The personal reason is revenge for the terrifying story that happened to FEMEN activists.

FEMEN activists held a performance on the KGB steps in Minsk in December 2011. One of the girls portrayed the Belarusian dictator. The performance seems to have hurt the dictator, because "the girls were captured by Lukashenka's henchmen", Alexandra Shevchenko says.

"We want revenge," the activist says adding that members of the group plan to visit Belarus soon.

Asked if they fear to go to our country, the activist answered they had the same fear before their trip to Tunisia. Alexandra Shevchenko recalls how they were jailed, tortured and risked their lives. The girls try to overcome fear and continue to work, she says.

According to her, FEMEN only accepts activists ready for radical courage often touching on self-sacrifice.

Alexandra Shevchenko says they learnt late about the visit of the Belarusian dictator to the Ukrainian capital and hadn't enough time to prepare. The group has another problem – FEMEN office in Paris was damaged by fire on Sunday.

"We are thinking how to resume the work of the world's first training centre for female revolutionists and extremists," Alexandra Sevchenko jokes. The activists don't rule out the possibility of carrying out a performance in connection with Lukashenka's visit.

Asked what role the Belarusian dictator plays in the group's activity, Alexandra Shevchenko answered without a moment of hesitation that he was among FEMEN's main enemies.

"He is one of our main enemies, because he impersonates the patriarchy. Our female extremism is directed against him. I am sure we will meet with Lukashenka," the group's representative said.