Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Financial Times: Putin wont bring Lukashenka to bay

Financial Times

The influential edition has suggested four reasons why the Russian President is passive in the current "potassium war".

The Financial Times has analyzed the conflict between Belaruskali and Uralkali. Journalists tried to explain why Vladimir Putin does not want to interfere in "the potassium war".

The first reason has been suggested by a person close to Kerimov. Putin is silent because he is trying to let the Belarusian President avoid this situation. "Putin thinks: We should not bring him to bay."

Putin may be trying to punish Kerimov for losing control over Belaruskali and Uralkali cartel. "Lukashenka does not make decisions," the editions interlocutor said. "He is controlled. Someone in the Russian government wants Uralkali back," FT reports referring to other sources.

According to the third version suggested by The Financial Times, the Kremlins passiveness is connected with Ukraine. Russia is trying to make Ukraine join the Customs Union while Kiev is establishing closer connections with the EU. "You cannot exercise pressure on Belarus and tell Ukrainians Its okay, we are a reliable trade partner," FT quotes an anonymous ex-Kremlin official.

The fourth reason may the the fact that Russia is trying to control Belaruskali. However, journalists referring to some Urakali manager say that it is hardly possible: "Lukashenka will never sell it. Belaruskali means more to him than Gazprom means to Russia. It is his favourite toy."