Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

“Average Citizen Focuses on the Battle for the Harvest, but not on the Protest Actions“


Co-chairman of the United Democratic Forces (UDF) Anatoly Lebedko believes that it is necessary to conduct a broad information campaign in Belarus, in particular to inform people about the Anti-crisis platform of the UDF.

"If we want people go to the streets to defend their rights, we must give them leaflets with information", - the politician noted. According to him, it is necessary to understand "mental features of Belarusian citizens".

"As a result, the average citizen focuses on the battle for the harvest, but not on the protest actions. He does not wait help from the authorities or its opponents; he is counting on his own forces. We should not wait for protest actions, it is necessary to inform people about real situation in the country and the proposals of opposition", - Anatoly Lebedko said.

According to the politician, such tactic will bring the results.