Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Maidan commandant: Russian, Belarusian special units unleashed to destabilize Ukraine

Belsat / reporter.vesti.ua

The neighbouring countries sent shooters to Ukraine, Andriy Parubiy, Euromaidan commandant, said.

'There are influence agents and small special groups whose mission is to destabilize the situation … Once a man turned up at night and told me that five groups (four persons each) were working in Ukraine. Four came from Russia and one from Belarus,' Mr Parubiy said.

According to the Maidan commandant, shooters were in Hrushevskoho street. 'The man who came to me belonged to such a group. He is Ukrainian-born, that is why he warned me. He didn't talk much but advised watching myself. 'You are a target,'he said, because if anything happens to the leaders [Klitschko, Tsiahnibok, Yatsenyuk, etc – Belsat] it would evoke a wide public response'.

Involving foreign special groups seems to be a much more plausible scenario of alien influence than bringing Russian troops into Kyiv, he stressed.

It is to be recalled that journalists have recently discovered a lot of cartridges to caliber 12 weapon made in Poland, Germany, the Czech republic and the USA in the area which was under riot police protection.