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FP: A Diplomatic Breakthrough for Washington in Europe’s Last Dictatorship Kомментарии
15 январь 2019, 12:00 | English / Foreign media

Belarus lifts a cap on the number of U.S. diplomats allowed in the country as Minsk looks west and spars with Moscow. „итать

British Magazine Names Minsk Europe’s Next Silicon Valley Kомментарии
11 январь 2019, 22:06 | English / Foreign media

Now and then Minsk gets the title of the city that one day may become Europe’s next Silicon Valley. And it happened again, London-based online magazine The Calvert Journal put it first on its list of Startup cities in 2019. „итать

Independent: Step up Vladimir Putin, president of Belarus? Kомментарии
10 январь 2019, 22:03 | English / Foreign media

As tensions between Minsk and Moscow spill out into the open, rumours multiply about Vladimir Putin's future plans for the small, Slavic nation on the edge of Europe. „итать

Bloomberg Opinion: Putin’s Retirement Plan Depends on Belarus Kомментарии
10 январь 2019, 22:00 | English / Foreign media

To retain power, he is positioning himself as the leader of a closer union between Russia and its dependent neighbor. „итать

The Washington Post: Why the world should be paying attention to Putin’s plans for Belarus Kомментарии
10 январь 2019, 17:09 | English / Foreign media

In the nearly two decades that have passed since, nothing in Belarus has fundamentally changed at all. „итать

Here, in the bloodlands of Belarus, I found hope for the future of Europe Kомментарии
04 январь 2019, 01:04 | English / Foreign media

In a region that saw some of the worst 20th-century horrors, there is a yearning for democracy and dialogue. „итать

Belarus' leader slams Russian talk of taking over his nation Kомментарии
24 декабрь 2018, 00:23 | English / Foreign media

The leader of Belarus on Friday accused some politicians in Russia of floating the prospect of incorporating his nation, and vowed that he wouldn't let it happen. „итать

Pole dancer, 24, who continued to dance while pregnant shows off her moves while carrying her newborn baby in Belarus Kомментарии
16 ноябрь 2018, 13:29 | English / Foreign media

Incredible footage shows Anna Klimenkova, 24, pole dancing while pregnant. „итать

The Belarusian elders who heal through whispering Kомментарии
14 ноябрь 2018, 13:27 | English / Foreign media

Deep in the Belarusian countryside, there is an ancient tradition of respected elders healing their communities through "whispering". A ritualised series of words are whispered as prayers to heal members of their illnesses and troubles. „итать

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