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The race to save Polesia, Europe's secret Amazon
27 март 2020, 11:39 | English / Foreign media

A proposed waterway linking the Black Sea and the Baltic has sparked fears of catastrophic biodiversity loss – and raised the spectre of Chernobyl read more

Putin has set his eyes on Belarus. The West can help it resist
12 февраль 2020, 22:42 | English / Foreign media

Putin has spent much of his two decades in power attempting to restore Moscow’s rule over former republics of the Soviet Union. read more

‘Europe’s Last Dictator’ Walks Fine Line Between Russia and the West
23 январь 2020, 23:52 | English / Foreign media

While Ukraine is in the spotlight because of the impeachment inquiry against President Trump, a recent report suggests Ukraine’s neighbor Belarus should be receiving more attention from the U.S. and its allies. read more

Nuclear nightmares: the Belarus film festival taking a stand against repression
04 январь 2020, 23:25 | English / Foreign media

In a country where history casts a long shadow and authoritarianism reigns, a guerrilla festival team commandeer cinemas to champion liberty – if the KGB don’t get there first read more

Europe’s Last Soviet Economy Approaches Its ‘Hour of Reckoning’
09 декабрь 2019, 11:50 | English / Foreign media

Belarus kept old factories, jobs, and social services alive after communism. Now that model is under threat from Russia. read more

Opposition wins no seats in Belarus election, Lukashenko vows to stay put
19 ноябрь 2019, 10:19 | English / Foreign media

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko maintained his hold on power after results published on Monday showed not a single opposition candidate had won a seat in a weekend parliamentary election. read more

Insider: Minsk Among 11 European Capitals With Cheapest Metro Fares
30 октябрь 2019, 10:12 | English / Foreign media

Insider has ranked the continent’s cheapest capital cities based on the cost of a single fare, or shortest journey duration on their public transport system. read more

Russian troll freed in Belarus after arrest for US election tampering
24 октябрь 2019, 18:04 | English / Foreign media

Anna Bogacheva was detained and briefly threatened with extradition to the US after being named in Mueller report. read more

City Where Chernobyl Was Filmed Fears Real-Life Nuclear Disaster
26 сентябрь 2019, 21:52 | English / Foreign media

A nuclear-power facility opening in Belarus has the nearby Baltic city of Vilnius on edge. read more

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