Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

Polish FM: Russia has expansionist plans, Belarus menaced


Radosław Sikorski, Poland's Minister of Foreign Affairs, believes the Belarusians might also face Russian aggression.

'Russia has declared itself to be a revisionist power, unhappy and ready to break the political and legal consensus [established] after World War II and after the Cold War. That is why everybody is so concerned. The people who should be most worried by what they have heard from the Kremlin are the countries that have large concentrated Russian minorities. That is Kazakhstan, Belarus and, indeed, Latvia. But the first thing we should do is to take stock of where we are in terms of security in Europe and abandon postmodernist illusions that conflict is unthinkable,' he told the Washington Post.

The Polish foreign minister recalled that Vladimir Putin had earlier spoken about his expansionist plans.

“President Putin made a speech at the Bucharest NATO Summit in 2008, at which he spoke about Ukraine as an artificial country put together from bits of other countries. And yes, we have received a letter from the deputy speaker of the Russian Duma, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, proposing that Poland take five provinces of Ukraine. He sent similar letters to Hungary and Romania, also making territorial proposals to them,” he said.

Mr Putin has far-reaching plans of restoring the Soviet Union, Ukraine's Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has warned being interviewed by TV channel NBC.