Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

‘Orthodox Army of Donbas’: Russian neofascist organisation recruits volunteers in Belarus


The Belarusian Regional Russian National Unity Organisation announced the ‘creation of voluntary squadrons for organised assistance to our Orthodox brothers, who are now fighting in the territory of former Ukraine against the Kyiv junta’.

‘There were a lot of members of the Belarusian People’s party on Maidan. They consider Maidan as a stepping stone from where they want to transfer the fire of a ‘colour revolution’ to Belarus. This is not to be tolerated: it might lead not only to bloodshed but to the loss of sovereignty,’ they say.

‘Our Orthodox brothers in the wast and southeast of former Ukraine need help; they are standing against both the former Ukrainian army and foreign mercenaries, including members of the BPF,’ the statement says.

Men over 23 years old, who served in army, are called to join the squadroons contacting the representatives of the organisation via social media Vkontakte.

Ultra-nationalist political party and paramilitary organization called Russian National Unity was founded by Alexander P. Barkashov in Moscow in 1990. It is interested that it was Mr Barkashov who ordered Dmytro Boitsov, one of the leaders of the unregistered Orthodox Donbass organisation (Donetsk). to rig the results of the referendum in the phone call intercepted by the Ukrainian Security service.